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The European Central Bank Won’t Buy Enough Bonds

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As the Eurozone debt crisis took a decidedly alarming turn in past weeks, the European Central Bank responded with resumption of their bond-purchasing program that had begun originally in May 2010. This measure had been intended to solve the debt crisis in Greece, though with the benefit of hindsight we can see that it failed […]

Eurozone Break-up is Not a Solution

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Whenever things get really bad in the Eurozone debt crisis, people start to talk about countries leaving, abandoning the euro and readopting former national currencies. For a while it was Greece – Greece should leave the Eurozone, there would be no need for internal devaluation if Greece went back to the Drachma, the Eurozone wouldn’t […]

Reflecting on the Latest ‘Solution’ to the Eurozone Crisis

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Expectations were not particularly high going into last Thursday’s emergency European Council meeting in Brussels, due partly to the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had warned spectators not to anticipate any grand solution to the debt crisis. In addition to this, underwhelming results from a number of previous such summits had conditioned onlookers to […]

The Need for a Long-term Perspective on the Eurozone Debt Crisis

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As EU leaders attempt to steer through the ongoing debt crisis in the Eurozone, it seems that short-term, temporary fixes are the central focus, while long-term solutions that will help to prevent future crises have received far less consideration. This is not so surprising, as the immediate challenges posed by a possible Greek default or […]

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